Chris Dave & The Drumhedz FREE DOWNLOAD

Chris Dave and the Drumhedz_ Mixtape_Cover Chris Dave and the Drumhedz_ Mixtape_ Track List

We’re probably a little late with this, however it was only just brought to my attention by a friend and we thought it was still worth reminding people.

Highly rated and charismatically eccentric drummer Chris “Daddy” Dave, serves up a free treat from his current project Chris Dave & The Drumhedz with this 23 track free download, yes FREE. Maybe I should say that again, I don’t think you heard me… 23 TRACK FREE DOWNLOAD. I’m not sure what provoked this generosity for a product many would be happy to pay for, however we at JRF HQ rarely look a gift horse in the mouth.

For those of you who don’t know who Chris Dave is, we’ll resist asking you when did you return to this planet and direct you here for a little background.

To download the Drumhedz Mixtape click here or you can click on the cover art above.




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