The brainchild of Uprock Recording’s Justin ‘TopRock’ McKenzie & Adam ‘Rock’ Moses, Jazz re:freshed as a music movement started with a humble vision in early summer 2003. Its intention, to challenge the elitism and prejudice within the jazz community that had kept jazz on the sidelines far too long, whilst bringing the incredibly diverse, colourful, expressive and creative world that is jazz to the people – live, fun and affordable – whilst promoting underexposed music and artists deserving of the widest recognition.

The movement was built around its weekly live residency in the heart of West London, covering the whole spectrum of jazz and jazz-influenced music – from dance oriented jazz to the various cultural interpretations: jazz fusion to brokenbeated jazz, be bop to hip hop, avante garde to Latin jazz, Afro jazz to jazz funk, jazz rock to  soul inspired jazz and everywhere in-between.

In addition to the live aspect, resident and guest deejays spin from the roots of jazz to the cutting edge, drawing influences from all over the world. For Jazz re:freshed, it is extremely important to have a mix of well established musicians and emerging talent, the only criteria being the quality they bring to the table. The strength of Jazz re:freshed is in the support and the enthusiasm of the performers, not to mention the ever appreciative Jazz re:freshed audience.

Jazz re:freshed was always destined to be more than simply a night. The weekly live West London residency was and always will be the fulcrum of the movement, however as with all creative forces, it was not to be contained or confined to one form of expression. As such, the Jazz re:freshed movement has acquired several strings to its bow: the record label, exhibitions, t-shirts, podcasts & mixes, a website, tours, etc.

Although born and established in West London UK, Jazz re:freshed was always intended to be established anywhere around the globe that would have it. Through tours, exhibitions, releases, collabs, not to mention establishing  residencies, hopefully we can help keep the jazz world alive and kicking.

The important thing is to keep reflecting the ever evolving, ever progressive, ever creative faces of jazz music, as well as paying tribute to the great genres of the past. When all is said and done, Jazz re:freshed exists simply and wholly for the music and isn’t that what really counts?

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